Vinyl flooring from Grubbs Mobile Flooring is a durable and attractive flooring solution.

Vinyl is a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms and any other area you would like a sleek, moisture resistant flooring.

One of our professionals at Grubbs Mobile Flooring will visit your home or office to share with you the many vinyl flooring solutions that we offer. You can choose from sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl or Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), each comes in a array of styles and colors to fit any decor.

Vinyl Flooring Solutions

Sheet Vinyl

At Grubbs Mobile Flooring we offer high quality and durable Sheet Vinyl. Sheet vinyl is moisture resistant and is designed to withstand humidity, a plus in Florida’s tropical climate. Sheet vinyl is constructed of 5 layers to ensure beauty and comfort.

  • Finish Layer

This top layer helps to avoid scuffs, scrapes and stains allowing for easy clean up.

  • Texture Layer

This gives vinyl of a stone or wood texture.

  • Foam Layer

This layer gives the tile some resilience and helps avoid dents or telegraphing.

  • Fiberglass Layer

This layer strengthens the tile and helps avoid contracting or expanding. avoiding cracking or curling of the vinyl.

  • Comfort Layer

This layer provides a comfortable walking surface and reduces noise.


Luxury Tile Vinyl (LTV)

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a popular flooring choice at Grubbs Mobile Flooring. Luxury vinyl tile offers the timeless beauty and texture of natural stone or ceramic tile and the durability and resilience of sheet vinyl. Often you are unable to distinguish the difference between luxury vinyl and real stone or ceramic tiles. Luxury vinyl is moisture resistant, durable and easy to care for. Read more about the benefits of LVT.