Grubbs Mobile Flooring’s In-home Shopping will save you time and money.

Your time is precious. At Grubbs Flooring we understand that and we strive to make your experience with us a stress-free and comfortable as possible. To do so, we offer our In-Home Shopping service.

We are a mobile company that comes to you.

During our initial visit we will evaluate your flooring needs, discuss your many options and evaluate your project to be sure that our estimate covers every detail.

Why should you give up your weekends visiting flooring stores? We come to your home or office with a wide selections of samples. You will have the opportunity to see how well your choices match your decor and lighting to ensure that your floors will fit your needs.

What can I expect during my In-Home Visit?

During the visit once we establish the color, style and type of flooring that you desire..we will evaluate your existing floors to make sure that there are no surprises after our original estimated costs are quoted and accepted. We will measure the area, inspect the sub-flooring as well as discuss with you the flooring options that are best suited for your home or office.

Each project is different and we have the experience and knowledge to recognize potential problems and how to correct them.

Our staffs work with clients to make sure that they are happy with their flooring choices and that they will have beautiful floors for years to come.

Save yourself time, money and aggravation. Take advantage of our In-Home Shopping service by contacting us today!

Grubbs Mobile Flooring offers: