Flooring Installation The Right Way with Grubbs Mobile Flooring

Grubbs Mobile Flooring offers professional installation for all of our flooring products. Our installers are experienced, knowledgeable and well trained. With each flooring project there are unique characteristics that can have an effect on not only the beauty of the finished floor, but on its longevity.

Why should I choose a professional flooring installer?

When our flooring professional visits your home or office to discuss your flooring options and estimate the time and costs of the project, they are trained to look at all aspects of the project. They will be able to explain to you of the sub-floor is in good shape or if it needs to be replaced or repaired. Their years of experience allows them to recognize if your flooring needs extra support to reduce sagging and strain. At Grubbs Mobile Flooring we understand how to correctly estimate the materials that are needed for the job and also we know how best to cut your flooring so that there is little waste.

Can I install the flooring myself?

Often homeowners take the DIY approach or hire sub-quality help to install flooring to find that as time passes the floor sags, peels or otherwise shows signs of poor installation. Unfortunately the lack of experience installing flooring can cause waste of expensive flooring, additional material costs and labor charges.

At Grubbs Mobile Flooring we take time to look at the overall project and give you a fair and affordable estimate. We want you to enjoy your gorgeous new floors for a long time to come. Great flooring not only looks terrific, but it can add value to your property.

Don’t waste your time or money, choose Grubbs Mobile Flooring and contact us for a free in-home or office estimate today!

We provide quality flooring installation to the following cities.

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Materials we install included carpet, vinyl, laminate, hardwood, tile and luxury vinyl tiles and planks.


The Villages

Lady Lake

Marion Oaks

Silver Springs

Silver Springs Shores






Ft. McCoy

The Forest Area

Salt Springs

Orange Springs

Orange Lake



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