Now you have the brand new flooring that you always wanted, but you are not sure how to care and maintain them to keep your floors looking new and beautiful. At Grubbs Wholesale Flooring we understand that each type of flooring requires special care depending on the materials that are used in its construction, the amount of traffic that the flooring is exposed to and other factors. Take the time to learn how to properly care for your flooring and you will increase the longevity of your flooring.


Hardwood floors are easy to maintain on a daily basis. Sweep the floor as needed and wipe with a dusting cloth. When you need a deeper cleaning use a mild cleaner that is designed specifically for hardwood floors. Do not use heavy duty cleaners, vinegar or harsh chemicals. This can damage, fade and ruin your floors finish. You may wish to use a water-based polish a few times a year. You do not want to overdo the polishing as this can lead to an unsightly wax build-up.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Often used in high traffic areas, ceramic tiles may require more care than some other flooring. The good news is that the care needed is simple. Ceramic tiles should be swept or vacuumed and then wet cleaned using a cleaning product that is recommended for your particular brand of tile. At Grubbs Wholesale Flooring, we suggest that you test the cleaner in an inconspicuous area before using, to make sure that it does not harm your tile.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is porous and needs to be carefully cared for. Dirt can scratch or mar the surface of porous tile. Before you apply any cleaning solution, carefully sweep and vacuum the tile to ensure that you have removed loose dirt which can be abrasive. Do not use heavily acidic cleaners such as water and vinegar this can cause damage and reduce the floor’s shine. Use a cleaner that is formulated for the type of tile that you have.


Vinyl, in general, is easy to care for. Sweep often and damp mop to keep vinyl flooring looking great. Use mild cleaners that are designed for vinyl floors. Do not use a lot of water. Water can seep between the seams, not only damaging the vinyl but loosening the glue that holds it to the floor. You may find that as your vinyl floor ages you will want to use a recommended floor wax to bring back the shine.


Laminate floors should be swept or vacuumed often. Because of the way that laminate floors are manufactured you should NOT wet mop or wash laminate flooring. This can lead to damage by detergents, warping and delamination. Improper care of laminated flooring can affect your floor’s warranty. Only use the cleaning product that the manufacture of your particular brand of laminate recommends and follow the directions carefully.


Bamboo floors are known for their long-lasting beauty. Sweeping regularly and cleaning up spills as they happen with a dry mop or towel is all that should be done on a regular basis. Do not use bleach, wax products, abrasives, strong chemicals or harsh cleaners. Any of these will lead to damage and fading. When your floor is installed make sure to ask about the products that are available to help you care for your gorgeous bamboo flooring.


Your new carpeting should be frequently vacuumed, at least every week to remove loose dirt, particularly in high traffic areas. For common stains, a mild solution of soap and water should help remove the problem stain. For more difficult to remove stains use a steam cleaner with a solution that is recommended by your carpet’s manufacturer. Be sure to read through your warranty, many carpet manufacturers require that you steam clean your carpet every 12 to 18 months to meet the requirements of your warranty.

Our professionals at Grubbs Wholesale Flooring will help you develop a floor care plan that fits the needs of your flooring. We want you to be thrilled with your flooring product for a long time to come and knowing how to properly care and maintain your floors will help you stay happy with the results.