Early Grubbs Flooring days

In 1985 John and Linda Grubbs opened their own Flooring Store in Ocala

Long before I took over Grubbs Flooring, my father John Grubbs started selling flooring in south Florida. When he moved to Ocala, he met Linda, got married and several years later, started selling flooring for Dave Gill’s Appliances (and flooring) in Anthony, FL. Shortly  afterwards, he and my mother Linda decided to go into business for themselves. They started, what was then, Grubbs Contract Floors.

For years my parents had a showroom located off of North Magnolia Avenue, downtown. As a kid I can remember playing on rolls of carpet and vinyl in their warehouse during the summer months and on the days I’d play hooky from school.

30 Years Later, Grubbs Mobile Flooring is still providing quality carpet and flooring in Ocala

Now it’s 30 years later and my family is still providing affordable flooring to businesses and families in Ocala and Marion County.

For those that know our family, we work hard to take care of those that are close to us. We work hard to help the citizens of Marion County feel like they are being treated fairly when looking to make improvements to their home or business.

Feel free to call Grubbs Mobile Flooring today for a no-obligation quote on flooring for your home or business.